Annoying “Chat” Pop-up Boxes on Law Firm Web Sites

Is it just us or are you also completely annoyed by those boxes that pop up and float around on attorney Web sites hoping you will click on it so they can start reeling you in. Like the lawyers in the pop-up box are actually eagerly waiting at their computers at 9:30 in the evening in their pajamas to respond to your questions and give you immediate advice? Or, a receptionist with a headset pops up on the screen and says “Can I help you?” but you just know that the smiling blonde with perfect teeth in the photo has really never even heard of the law firm she is supposedly “chatting” on behalf of?

images-1 And, why does she have the headset on anyway?


The Mulkey Law Firm solemnly promises that we will never annoy you or anyone else with a pop-up chat box on our Web site.