The other day I telephoned a property damage adjuster at Nationwide Insurance Company who had previously made an offer on my clients’ totaled van.  The adjuster had been communicating directly with my clients before I became involved. The family believed the offer was too low and I agreed to get involved with the property damage claim.

I punched in the adjuster’s telephone extension and immediately heard a voice-mail from a rather impatient sounding woman. She identified herself as a “senior property damage claim’s specialist”  and told me to leave my name, phone number and the claim number.  She then instructed me to leave a message with sufficient detail that she would know exactly why I needed to speak with her.

Just before the beep signaling that I start my message, she said, “and remember, Nationwide is on your side.”  WHAT?   DID SHE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?  I immediately thought of all the folks who had been hit by people with Nationwide Insurance that were calling to discuss the dollar value that  was being offered for their totaled cars.  She was telling them that her company was on THEIR side …when nothing could be further from the truth!

I’m writing this to remind everyone that, following an accident, the at-fault driver’s insurance company’s slogans do not apply to you!  As a matter of fact, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier wants one thing;  you and your claim to go away.

  • So, if the driver of the car that rear-ended you at an intersection has State Farm, State Farm is not YOUR “good neighbor.”
  • If the driver had Allstate, Allstate is not holding YOU in its “good hands.”
  • And, if the damage was done by someone with Nationwide Insurance, Nationwide is not on “YOUR side.”

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