If you are like us, when something is important and affecting our family, we dig in and research various aspects of whatever it is.  Following a wreck involving a semi-truck, in which someone in your family is a victim, the most important thing you can do is quickly hire an attorney knowledgable in securing and protecting evidence.  Because trucking companies often have defense crash teams on the scene immediately, inaction is really NOT the best option. You need to have your own team gathering evidence.  An experienced truck accident attorney will quickly put expert boots on the ground for you.

Here are a few links that can be helpful in researching issues related to trucking:

State Links:

Arkansas Department of Transportation
Arkansas State Statutes
Arkansas State Highway Patrol

Federal Links:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Rules & Regulations
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Insurance Institute For Highway Safety
American Trucking Associations
SAFER: Safety & Fitness Electronic Records System

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