TRACTOR-TRAILER SLOWS IN FOG – Two Fouke Residents Die in Pile-up on I-49

The Arkansas State Police have released a fatal crash summary of a multiple vehicle collision occurring at 11:45 a.m. on December 22, 2015, on I-49 South at the 20 mile-marker in Miller County.

According to the report, a southbound 18-wheeler slowed in dense fog and was struck from behind by a 1997 Ford van. A 2004 Pontiac then hit both the van and the tractor-trailer. A 2012 GMC SUV then collided with the Ford van. Finally, a 2010 Ford Edge crashed into the tractor-trailer followed by a 2004 Chevy Avalanche.

Two men reportedly died in the collision; Johnie Patterson, Jr., age 38 of Fouke, driver of the Ford Edge, and Dennis Hyman, Jr., age 53 of Fouke, driver of the Ford van

Identified as injured in the wreck were: Anndria Dyess, age 21, of Houston, Texas, driver of the GMC SUV and her passenger, Seth Britain, age 23, also of Houston; Shannon Winowich, age 35 of Texarkana, Texas, driver of the Pontiac; and, Kristine Patterson, age 37 of Fouke, passenger in the Ford Edge.

The drivers of the tractor-trailer and the Chevy Avalanche are not identified in the report.

Despite the fog , the road was reported to be dry.


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 Note:  Information obtained from an Arkansas State Police fatal crash summary represents only the initial findings by an investigating law enforcement officer. The summaries are not considered official reports of a highway crash investigation, but merely a summary of preliminary information presented to an investigating officer. The information contained in a summary may not represent the facts eventually placed on file in the official final report.