A recent conversation I had with a fellow attorney went something like this:

Fellow attorney:   You give out your personal cell phone number to your clients?

Me:   Yes.

Fellow attorney:   Are you kidding?

Me:   No. It’s the only number on my business card and it’s on my website:

Screenshot (1)

Fellow attorney:   Why? Don’t you worry your clients will call you …like  in the evening?

Me:   No, not at all. If they need to speak to me, I want them to be able to reach me.

Fellow attorney:  I’ll talk to my client when I’m working.

Me:   Clients work too and sometimes have issues that arise after 5:00 p.m. and before 8:00 a.m. If I can, I will take the call. If not, I’ll call them back. I want them to know that I’m available when they need me.

The lawyer remained somewhat incredulous, but the fact is, I became a lawyer in order to help people and people do not just need my help on my time. This is especially the case in the immediate aftermath of a car wreck. A personal injury or wrongful death attorney is useless if he or she is “unavailable.”

A family’s life can be turned upside down even in what initially appears to be a minor car accident: someone is hurt; a two-car family just became one; insurance companies are calling; medical bills are stacking up; the car is impounded at the tow company; the family is losing income; slick solicitation letters from lawyers are suddenly piling up in the mailbox ( …not from me!)

New questions come up every hour: What about a rental car? Which insurance company is responsible? Should I fight this ticket? Should I give the insurance company a statement? How do I get my car fixed? Should my health insurance pay this bill? What happens next?

If, God forbid, the accident involves serious injury or death, the whole world crashes to a stop for the affected family. These issues and questions, while magnified ten-fold, take a back seat to worry, exhaustion and grief. The family needs someone they can entrust with these worries so that they can concentrate on each other.

Saying “we love our clients” means being there for them. That is exactly why I give our clients my cell phone number and always will. Please click HERE to see all of my Avvo client reviews.

We proudly represent families all over Arkansas in serious injury and death cases. If you or a family member is involved in a car accident in any of the following locations, we are nearby and ready to help: I-49, Benton County, Washington County, Madison County, Carroll County, Sebastian County, Bella Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Lowell, Springdale, Fayetteville, Van Buren, Fort Smith, Huntsville, Siloam Springs, Harrison, Green Forest, Eureka Springs, West Fork, Garfield, Centerton, Gravette, Decatur, Mena, Elm Springs, Cave Springs, Alma …and everywhere in between.