REALLY GOOD LAWYERS IN ARKANSAS – don’t tolerate even “small” lies.


This will probably come as a surprise to no one, but there are lawyers that are untruthful. They will skirt the rules of ethics when dealing with opposing counsel and lie to their co-workers, employees, partners, and even clients, for financial gain and/or to feed their egos. I believe this is a conditioned behavior. Such lawyers simply do not recognize that integrity is like a boat, and with each act of dishonesty a small hole is punched into the hull.  At first the boat sails on, as it is watertight for the most part, but over time no amount of bailing will keep it afloat.  Such lawyers are destined to eventually fail in one aspect or another of their lives.  A good friend of mine recently sent me this article …which is right on point:


An attorney’s integrity and reputation for honest dealings is far more important than money. Self-serving lying lawyers gradually burn bridges with those around them until there is no where to go ….because there is no bridge left. They end up on an island with those who still pretend to respect them – convinced that they are still respected …because they cannot even be honest with themselves.


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